I joined MMF in August 2019, when I was at an all time low, physically and mentally.

I had followed Millie on Instagram for about 6 months at this point and really idolised Millie and her training, so always wanted to join. Then one day, i saw Millie promoting her first ever 6 week challenge. I was anxious to join because I would have been doing this on my own and I didn’t know anyone else who attended Millie’s gym at the time. I went and back and forth multiple times, until one day I finally just messaged Millie and to be honest, it was out of desperation for help. Millie responded so quickly & kindly and encouraged me to join. I knew, just from her response, that this was definitely a gym I wanted to be a part of & signed up straight away.

18 months later, I’m not only 10kgs down, but I am sooo much stronger both physically and mentally, I’m kinder, I have so much more respect and love for myself and I’m genuinely happy. And this is a credit to Millie for the community she has created at MMF, but also for the person she is.

I wake up every day excited to go to MMF & excited to be around so many likeminded people who genuinely want to help, push and encourage you to be the best you can be. I have built so many friendships and I have changed so much as a person.

I have loved watching Millie grow into the trainer she is and watching the gym grow with so many new, beautiful faces. And I know that while I’m Millie’s biggest fan, she is most definitely mine as well.

I love MMF & everything about it. And I’m so blessed to be a part of it.

- Megan Crook

"I started training with Millie the end of 2019 when she was in a little makeshift gym beside a CrossFit shed.

From the very beginning in that intimate setting of 3-4 people a class to the 15-20 people a class when I was there last she has always been incredibly supportive and encouraging. She genuinely cares and strives to ensure each individual under her guidance is looked after, and giving their all.

I started out going once or twice a week to going 4 or 5 days a week and being a part of her 8 week challenge in early 2020. That experience helped me become stronger than I thought I could be, and from someone like myself who grew up with PCOS, I truly believe that that my experience and results from training allowed me to conceive my first baby.

I can't wait to be able to join her classes once again".

- Samantha Parker

MMF has changed my whole life.
From day one, first session, Millie was so welcoming & kind. And nearly a year later of me being apart of the MMF Family she without fault always has the biggest smile and welcomes you every single day.
Mil reassures you of your strength & your ability to push yourself to be the best version of you. Making sure each session you leave feeling powerful, strong & ready for your day ahead.
I have not only gained self confidence within myself to try new things but I also have gained so much knowledge about training, eating healthier & also understanding what fitness is as a whole. Not just going to the gym and “working out” because I feel like I have to.
Mil is amazing & I support her and what she stands for so incredibly much

- Emilee Jones

I joined MMF in February 2020 after starting an 8 Week Challenge and I knew in the first week I wanted to stay on after the challenge and honestly, I have never looked back. MMF has completely changed my outlook on exercise. I no longer view going to the gym as just a way to burn calories, I’ve grown stronger than I’ve ever thought I could, and my level of fitness has increased so much. Millie has so much passion for all aspects of health and is so committed to each and every member here at MMF. I couldn’t recommend MMF more.

- Ciara Holden

MMF has honestly changed my life for the better in so many ways. Before starting with millie I was the type of person who wouldn’t step foot into a gym purely based on the fact I would be judged, MMF is the most welcoming, loving family anyone could ask for. Millie is such a unique coach and anyone who is trained by her will say we are incredibly lucky to have someone who cares for each of us so much.
I couldn’t imagine my life with Mil & the MMF family. She has taught me to love myself in so many ways, and I don’t think I will ever be able to train anywhere else.

- Ella Ryan