The foundation of our classes is on resistance training and helping you become stronger, fitter, and overall more confident not only within yourself, but your abilities at the gym. We have Lower and Upper body focussed days, with a sprinkle of conditioning to help you push yourself to new limits and leave every session on a high.
It doesn't matter if you're a complete beginner, or have been training for years, our coaches work extremely closely with each client to ensure you’re getting the most out of each and every session with correct technique, intensity, and always pushing you to be your best.



Monday, Wednesday

Our lower body days are designed to help sculpt your legs and booty in all the right places. At MMF we prioritise mind muscle connection, perfecting your technique and mastering the basics. These classes will get you strong, lean, and training like a BOSS.


Tuesday, Thursday

Our Upper Body Days will soon be one of your favourites. These classes are designed to sculpt your upper body, help you get stronger, more defined and feel empowered.



A Full body killer. There's no better way to end the week then with our specialty friday sessions. This class is designed to work your full body, incorporating main compound movements mixed with cardio. This class varies every week keeping it fun and exciting. This is a favorite at MMF.