Online Personalised Coaching

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  • 1 hour
  • $90 p/w
  • Online Program only

Service Description

Our Personalised Program includes Training and Nutrition to ensure you’re getting the most out of your coaching experience, as nutrition is a key factor in seeing results in your body composition. This service is suited to those wanting to take their health and fitness a step further and would benefit from extra accountability and support from Millie. You will receive a training program tailored to your personal goals, with Check-ins weekly, adjustments made as necessary, and unlimited support and guidance. Each training block will go for 4 weeks, focussing on progressive overload and mastering each movement, helping you get stronger, fitter, and building sufficient muscle to help you achieve your goals. With Nutrition Coaching, Millie will teach you how to track your macros and help you have a healthy relationship towards food. With Flexible Dieting, we focus on 80% wholefoods, 20% soul foods, allowing you to still fit in your favorite foods whilst achieving your body composition goals. Millie will teach you the tools to be able to get results in the most sustainable and healthy way, without restriction and cutting out food groups or going on aggressive unhealthy FAD diets.

Cancellation Policy

No show and late cancellations (within 12 hours) will be charged a cancellation fee of $5 per class missed which will be added onto their weekly Direct Debits.

Contact Details

2/91 Lott St, Carrington NSW 2294, Australia