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Our coaching has empowered our clients to make significant improvements in their lives. Scroll down to view a selection of the inspiring transformations they have achieved.



Until I started working with Millie, I had been training for a while, yo yo dieting, binge eating and had a pretty awful relationship with food, but I didn’t realise this until I began learning from Millie about how to properly fuel and care for my body. Each week Millie dissects every element of the week prior with a focus on reflection and growth. Mental well-being is a cornerstone of everything in the plan and Millie tackles everything from a position of nourishment and nurturing, rather than punishment or shame. It’s so much more than calories in calories out and can be overwhelming, so having someone this knowledgeable walking you through is a blessing. Whilst I’m super happy with my body composition changes, I’ve more importantly begun to heal my relationship with food and made life long habits mentally and physically and I have Millie to thank for that.

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